With our advanced laser technology, tattoos that were once considered permanent can now be effectively diminished or in many cases completely removed with minimal scarring or infection. Our lasers can now treat both amateur and professional tattoos, as well as permanent makeup tattoos with fewer treatments and less invasion.With previous tattoo removal procedures, clients were more likely to experience poor outcomes often accompanied by scarring and infection, leaving them dissatisfied. Through the creation and implementation of new technologies, Alma has developed a laser that effectively and efficiently targets the specific pigments used in tattoo ink leaving the surrounding skin minimally affected. This in turn reduces scarring and risk of infection.

These unprecedented results are possible because the laser wavelengths can be adjusted accordingly in order to target a specific ink color or wide range of ink colors. Additionally, the spot size can be adjusted to better treat tattoos of varying size also. This flexibility allows you to treat a variety of tattoos effectively and efficiently in fewer treatments with a significantly decreased risk of scarring or infection leaving clients more satisfied and pleased with the results.

Advantages for Clients:

  • Noninvasive tattoo removal
  • Fewer treatments, shorter sessions
  • Decreased risk of scarring or infection
  • Less downtime

tattoo removal